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The Solar Decathlon combines social commitment
with professional, theoretical and practical learning!
Prof. Dr. Jochen Stopper - Faculty Advisor

The Solar Decathlon is an interdisciplinary student competition. Over a period of two years, student teams develop innovative and structural solutions for the challenges of future living. The aim is to design a building whose energy requirements are met exclusively by solar energy - and to build it in real life. The results of the 18 university teams of SDE 21 will be evaluated on the basis of ten competition criteria and presented in a two-week exhibition in Wuppertal (in summer 2022). Architectural, energetic and innovative demands on the house will be evaluated. The international competition combines social commitment with professional, theoretical and practical learning.

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Why is it important to focus on sustainable building and renovation in the future?

There is an urgent need for action to optimize existing structures and raise awareness of sustainable building and renovation. In this respect, there is actually a great deal of potential for climate protection strategies in our cities. Unlike in Asia and Africa, cities in industrialized countries, such as Germany, are largely built.

The goal of the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 has developed from this basis: 
Develop the technical, architectural and social solutions for the European cities of tomorrow. Previously, the main focus was on the use of renewable energy in new buildings. For the first time, the reality of inhabited real estate is thematized!

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