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Write us a message!  Through your support you contribute significantly to the successful participation in the competition. Whether it is financial support, material donations, assistance with the construction of the demonstrator, or the transfer of knowledge in the form of training - we look forward to your request!

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The competition in a nutshell

Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 (SDE 21/22) is an international, interdisciplinary, architectural competition in which technical universities compete head-to-head with the primary goal of designing, constructing, and operating completely solar-powered buildings for the future of climate-neutral living. Spanning a period of over two years, 18 teams from eleven countries each develop a „solar building of the future“, then construct a 1:1 demonstrator building, called a House Demonstration Unit (HDU), which will be judged by a renowned jury of experts. Points are awarded based on ten design and construction contests that are driven by the core disciplines of architecture, communication, comfort, sustainability, and energy performance. The focus is on sustainable building and living in cities, and aims to address current urban challenges.

The fully-functional HDUs will be open to the public as they are being evaluated in Wuppertal, Germany from the 10th – 26th of June this year. As one of the most influential competitions in the world, SDE celebrates its 20th anniversary while being hosted in Germany for the first time. Organizers expect over 150,000 visitors from all over the world for the final event. 

Our vision of a climate-neutral building stock

Our project is searching for ideas and solutions to solve one of the greatest challenges currently facing the housing sector: the creation of new and affordable living space coupled with the conversion to a climate-neutral building stock. For this purpose, the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and its levelup project team are developing adaptable, easily to prefabricate, modular-timber units. Since a vast majority of Germany’s current housing stock was built between the 1950s to the 1970s - before the first heat-insulation ordinance of 1977 - levelup is focusing on these building types, which account for the largest proportion of ‘primary and final energy consumption’.

According to the estimates, more than 1.1 million new apartments could be built in Germany’s urban areas by adding storeys on existing buildings. Notably, this can be done without building upon valuable green areas. levelup’s competition entry develops transferable and substantial solutions to assist Germany’s federal government to reach its objective of an essentially climate-neutral building stock by 2045.

We - the team levelup - want to create sustainable, climate-neutral and affordable housing that adapts to different building types and sizes and the individual lifestyles and needs of different population groups (social diversity) through flexible use. The details of interior design and technology enhances the daily life and the environment!
To not seal any more green space, we are adding stories to existing buildings. Thereby we improve the energy efficiency of the entire building and enhance German city centers not only architecturally and aesthetically, but also socially.

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Our university team levelup

Our team consists of many curious minds with a healthy mix of visionary ideas, engineering expertise, creativity, and interdisciplinary drive!

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Cooperation and services for our partners

Project team „levelup“ is looking forward to your support!
After our enormous accomplishment as „ the best German and European participant, winning 2nd place, at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010“ in Madrid, we would like to continue this success story with you. The competition strengthens and promotes technology and innovation and offers the opportunity to present German know-how to interested visitors from all over the world. Experience has shown that a very large response can be expected for a university project of this magnitude. It is also very important to us to recognize the commitment of each and every donor throughout the course of the project. We want to make sure that your support as benefactor will be rewarded. Your commitment to the project will be recorded in a written agreement (passive sponsorship contract), in which general conditions can be agreed upon individually.

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