Our university’s guiding principles

Together with students, professors and staff, we have developed a set of guiding principles designed to strengthen our members’ community spirit, sense of identification with the university and readiness to take on responsibility. They are intended as a forward-looking commitment and thus an incentive for the actions of all the university’s bodies and members. They promote motivation and mutual support in teaching, research, working and learning, and, in addition, shall help in boosting the positive image of the university in the region, in the education sector as a whole, and in the eyes of industry. As the most important educational institution in south-eastern Bavaria, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences combines a multifaceted and innovative profile with solid regional roots and an international reputation. The close links between the university, industry and research are a key focus of ours. Our students discover a practical approach to learning and an ideal learning environment in this network. They acquire team skills and problem-solving expertise.

Small but great – excellent learning environment

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is known for its open and friendly atmosphere. Whether it be the students, the lecturers or the staff: everyone is very committed to working together to shape the university. Intensive and individual support provided by lecturers, study in small group settings, application-focused teaching and training and the interdisciplinary exchange between the subjects and faculties are just some of the many small but great aspects that characterise everyday student life and the university campus. Added to this are the many well-equipped workshops and laboratories, which offer broad technical as well as creative scope for course-specific projects in all subjects.

In the network of the future – industry and research

Rosenheim has a long tradition of inspirational innovative strength and a solid market-oriented practical connection. As the number one university partner in one of Europe’s strongest economic areas, our students have the best regional, national and also international links with industry and research. Through study projects, theses, executive education programmes and applied research, we work intensively with industry, including small and medium-sized companies, and act as forum, initiator, partner and catalyst for positive economic development within the region and beyond.

Innovation drives the future, inspiring our action

Quality in teaching and research is our highest priority. Using new ideas and strategies, the quality of the education and training we provide is continuously improved and further developed. We are keen to experiment and dare to be imaginative. With creativity and risk appetite we offer an environment in which good ideas are quickly put into practice. We make use of the diversity of our degree programmes in an interdisciplinary manner.

Studying with vision and outlook – studying in Rosenheim

Beautiful Bavaria – situated between Inntal and Chiemsee, Rosenheim is a picturesque city that charms inhabitants and visitors alike with its southern flair and Alpine appeal. The impressive Alpine panorama and nearby mountains and lakes are home to all manner of sporting and leisure activities throughout the year, which provides for a very high standard of living for Rosenheim’s students.