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construction diary

Our Construction diary:

After nearly two years of planning, we began prefabricating our wooden modules in mid-December of 2021. 
The modules will then be transported to our construction site at the TH Rosenheim, where we will be able to complete our levelup prototype. 

Here you can keep track on our construction progress:


Today the windows of our HDU were delivered. The windows contain recycled vacuum hybrid glass.

The interior construction is moving forward in big steps. 
At the same time we are already working on the furniture construction in the workshops.



For insulation, a vapour barrier and wood fiber boards are installed. 

In our next steps, we got our construction site ready for rain and snow so that the construction of the HDU could continue without any problems!
After that our team continued to work diligently and achieved a lot of progress. 


We prepared everything for our Topping-out ceremony in the evening.
To make sure that everybody know what's happening on our construction site our corporate design team attached many construction site banners and posters across the building fences. 
The party was a great success and a big milestone for the whole team!


Our modules arrived at the construction site, which is located directly next to the Rosenheim Technical University.
Our team leaders had been waiting in great anticipation for the trucks.
Upon arrival, everyone lent a helping hand to get the modules in place.



Preparation of the levelup HDU construction area.