“Because we didn’t know how high the mountain would be, we originally set out on this two-year journey with a carefree and energetic spirit.”

Concluded the former TH Rosenheim management after returning as the “Vice World Champion in Solar Building” in 2010 from the international student competition “Solar Decathlon Europe”. Then, as now, our recipe for success lies in the assembly of curious minds, as well as a healthy mixture of visionary thinking, engineering expertise, creativity, and drive. The challenges facing the university teams in the Solar Decathlon competition 2021 in Wuppertal are as varied as they are complex, addressing the most pressing issues of urbanity: the creation of affordable living space, transformation to a climate-neutral building inventory (by 2050), and the sustainable use of resources. With an interdisciplinary team, the TH Rosenheim wants to conquer this mountain again and rethink living, as we know it.

Over the next two years, around 50 students from various faculties will plan and realize the building of the future in cooperation with partners from business and research. As in 2010, the entire energy requirement of the building will be covered exclusively by solar power. However, urbanity is also moving into focus. Instead of building over green spaces in urban areas, the “Level Up” team will renovate and add to an existing building from the 1950s-1970s in an energy-efficient manner. With this modified building of the future, the competition team from Rosenheim; one of only six selected participants from Germany, will face the international university competition “Solar Decathlon Europe 2021” in Wuppertal. The winner will be chosen at the end of September 2021.